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Matter's sophomore release, Teraphim, is a concept album based on the writtings of the prophet Ezekiel.


released 29 April 2014

Matter would like to thank: King Jesus. The Griffin, Kellogg, King, Marmol and Perry families for their continued love and support. Our indiegogo funders, including a very special and specific thanks to The Hendricks Family, Nathan Paul, and Caleb Kellogg, who all gave way above and beyond what we could have ever achieved on our own to make Teraphim a reality. Erik, Adrian, Daniel and Grey Area Studios for believing in us as a band enough to take on this project and bless us with an incredible studio experience. Nicola Honey for making Teraphim look absolutely stunning- Cheers! Scott Jensen and ColorWest for helping us package our story well. Our gang vocal crew: "SWORDS!" All of the bands and artists who continue to humble and inspire us to do our best--too many to name. And of course, you, our fan and friend who continues to buy our records, come to shows and send daily reminders of encouragement. Without you, we’d only be kidding ourselves. Thank you and God bless you!

Music by Matter. Lyrics by Elijah Kellogg. Album art by Nicola Honey. Produced, recorded and mixed by Erik Ron at Grey Area Studios. Mastered by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering Studios. All rights reserved, 2014, Matter Records.



all rights reserved


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Matter Los Angeles, California

To exist and and to be significant are the two very distinct yet inseparable definitions of one powerful word: Matter. We do not want to simply exist, but we are constantly striving to do things that make a real difference. By our personal devotion to using a portion of the money we make to help support international efforts of love and justice, we are driven by our passion to be significant. ... more

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Track Name: A Voice
A Voice

how am I any better than they? am I really not like them? a failure? a slave?
how am I any better than they? any stronger any wiser articulate unafraid?
the only difference I see is I still fear my death the demons in me the knives in my breath
while they’ve learned to love themselves delusions and all
the difference I see is I’m here on my knees a fool a coward a believer in things
that no one believes anymore
I’m a beggar among debtors their catcher in the rye but I’m failing to catch them failing to save their lives
so what could you possibly want from me? please tell me what do you wish from these hands
that can’t stop the bleeding?

so this is who I am a traitor just like them and still you call my name
well I’m all ears ‘cause I’ve got nothing left to say

but the north wind, is building with fire and lighting
and the chariot is marching and warring and it’s rider is calling:

son of man, plead with my love tell her I’ve come to bury her sons
stubborn till death, they’ll fall one by one call the sword, the famine, the plague
you’ll be the only voice they ever heed the voice of their graves

Ezekiel 1 &2
Track Name: Idols

a strange man in my bed with my wife a fake dad kisses my daughters good night
a false hope a dead god on my throne I’m not a king not a father to you just a ghost

and they wonder why my jealous heart makes me blind
as strangers sleep with my bride I always reached for your hand
but you gave me the lid to your casket

idols! demons! on my hills at my gate
in my house in my bed a den of thieves

speak to me my love tell me you’re not ignorant
am I likened to an image? am I clung to like a stone?
am I really just a choice to you? another trifle for your trophy room?
another book? another prayer? have you forgotten who I am?
I am who I am and I’m not like you

I am who I am and you wonder why my jealous heart makes me blind
as wolves devour my bride I always reached for your hand
but you gave me the lid to your casket

Ezekiel 8
Track Name: Plague

kiss your dead but don’t you cry don’t shed a tear you tell them why
they’re dead to me no pearls to swine just grapes of wrath just sour wine

they’re all the same just pass the blame it’s my father it’s my mother
it’s my unfaithful brothers not my lack of common sense
not my bloodied greedy hands

there’s no shame live your life for destruction you’ll find your peace as the enemy but you faking your innocence it’s disgusting
who’s to blame when the sick go untreated and the blind keep losing their way?
is it the fingers in your ears or the other gods you’ve trusted who don’t even know your name?
either way it’s a plague
as she is dying I’m faithfully prescribing
a perfect worthless pill just to keep the order filled
they’re sick they’re sick they’re sick of hearing me
screaming in their ears the truth they’ll never hear
everyone dies a villain or a bride if only we’d wear the ring while there’s still time.

there’s a wall between ten and eleven where grace is shot down in hatred and the jury is hanging for our crimes and each star is paying with his life there’s a room in the basement built for dark and starvation and ten men barely breathing and three still repeating the prayers of just one man like a ghost he is innocent but as he dies for a stranger, he whispers these words: “the cross is a school, the cross is the school of love.” waiting for you waiting for you waiting for you to die and the plague comes and it’s our fault and the plague comes and it’s all ours built for our lungs built for our hearts built for our blood feel the plague come and the pot boils over and the metal it glows and the ashes and the ashes by ashes they’ll know like father like son God have mercy on them both

Ezekiel 18 & 24 
Track Name: Famine

I remember the day the moment we first met:
the fear on your face and the blood on your young breast
I washed the gutter’s filth from those beautiful eyes
and when you first smiled I learned how to die

I remember the day the moment you loved me:
the glow on your face and the ring on your finger
the diamonds on your gown sparkled as we danced
and everyone knew that I am in love with you

I remembered day the moment you left me:
when I learned the words famine and hungry
and those diamonds on your gown you sold them for pennies
and bought for yourself men who would break your heart
at least one of us remembers the girl in the gutter
but how can I save you again if you won’t remember

Ezekiel 16
Track Name: Sword

sticks and stones fire and steel you think we care how you feel?
words and verse prophecies well tell us love did they speak of me?

writing on the wall we know a thing or two about writing on the wall so don’t say you never knew
the finger of your god pointed us to you and spoke a damning word and told us all the truth
Ezekiel they should have learned the hope in his name the grace in his word

swords! swords!
it’s too late break the gate! kill the strong eat the weak!
it’s too late flood the streets! pierce the slave bind the meek!

shadows on the walls ghosts of hidden sins haunting through the halls asking where you’ve been
you think you hide your secrets by preaching to the choir we’ll shout them from the steeple as we throw you to the fire

I love when your god’s right
I’m learning to love when your god’s right
you always knew this day would come

what happened to false prophecies of riches lust and luxury?
with fading eyes you’ll finally see your god was right when he spoke of me

Ezekiel 21
Track Name: Exiles

like a mirage like a desert heat we are the constant reminder how you’ve sown is how you’ll reap
and there isn’t a single grace that we have not denied we are the ghosts of what could have been
if we weren’t so afraid of life

and so we pass on we are a cloud of dust like tears on a weathered face
we recall every single scar we are the only ones to blame
and it’s like waking up too late to find your lovers have run away
and stolen everything you are like a mirage dry bones
so like a mirage like a desert heat we are the exiles of love too afraid to know peace
phantoms of sand figures of sleep and when you wake up
will we die like a dream?

dry bones we were a faithless bride
dry bones who can bring us back to life?

and so we pour on like water from lungs like blood from broken veins
we are the wind of this desert place
we are the tears on your weathered face

Ezekiel 37
Track Name: A Remnant
A Remnant

my son don’t cry for your brothers as they go the day is coming when their hearts will hurt like mine
and then they’ll know my love it doesn’t carry all the hatred like theirs does
it doesn’t drink from the waters of their guilt anymore
and then they’ll know that I’ve been praying all along on these steps and on this hope
staring down that rising sun waiting for their day to come
when their shadows will break the light and I’ll meet them running home.
my sons! how I cursed the day you left
my bride! how I missed your loving kiss
oh my daughters! how I’ve seen you all alone
come back to me Jerusalem! how I’ve long to call you home

the river flows and ankle deep it calls to me it calls to me and as it goes in depth it grows
and trees find life the earth will heal and they will know comfort!
I will have my day the blind will finally see I’ll heal the sick and lame this flood will wash away their shame
because I’m still in love with that girl in the gutter and for all her sins I’d take no other

my sons come join in your father’s feast!
and my bride come take your place as queen!
and my girls you will never you will never be alone!
the throne is filled the river flows
Jerusalem our home

Ezekiel 11 & 47